Estimated Construction Commencement

November 2016

Estimated Cash Flow Start Date, After Lease UP

June 2018

Estimated Investment Period

7 Years

Investment Type


Investment Location


Property Type

Class A Multi-Family

Emerson Place Apartments, LLC, is a Colorado limited liability company formed in February 2016, to develop and hold a “To Be Built” Apartment Development in Denver, Colorado, called “Emerson Place”, consisting of approximately 85 Class A Studio Apartments, structured parking, roof top deck, main floor clubhouse and more. Emerson Place is managed by Allante Properties, LLC, a Colorado limited liability company formed in 2011 to acquire existing, or build new, multi-family properties in Colorado.

Emerson Place Business Model

  1. Design a new five story building on the site with two levels of underground parking.
  2. Build the newly designed building
  3. Lease the apartments until stabilization (95% occupancy) is achieved.
  4. Hold the asset for cash flow and future appreciation for approximately six years after lease stabilization. Allante will actively manage the asset to produce rental income with the objectives of providing a consistent and secure source of income and maximizing returns upon disposition through capital appreciation. Allante will hire and supervise BLDG Management to provide lease-up and day-to-day management.


Emerson Place has acquired the property with present zoning that allows for apartment use in a 5-story configuration. Construction drawings are in process and Allante will hire a contractor to build the building. Construction is expected to start in November 2016 with completion and lease up 18 months later.

Emerson Place will raise a total of $8.0 million in equity from accredited investors, and up to $750,000 of Mezzanine Debt, if required. This total equity of $8.0 Million will represent approximately 40% of project costs to insure safety of principal, enhance cash flows, and to reduce risk.  Emerson Place Apartments, LLC Membership Interest of 0.178125% is offered for minimum investment of $25,000.

This Summary is for informational purposes and Accredited Investors only, it does not constitute an offer to sell or solicitation of an offer to buy a security. Allante has prepared a Confidential Private Placement Memorandum and related documents, which will be provided to Accredited Investors that describes material terms and conditions and material risks involved.  Please read it carefully before considering an investment.

Emerson Place Apartments, LLC (the Company) is pleased to offer its securities to Accredited Investors only through a set of offering documents, including a prospective investor questionnaire and a Private Placement Memorandum, all of which may be accessed through the “Invest Now” button, below.   If you or your investment entity are qualified as an “Accredited Investor” and are prepared to provide verification to the Company and its agents (as described in SEC Rules 501 and 506 – hyperlinked here for your convenience), you may obtain the Emerson Place offering documents by clicking this “Invest Now” link.  By clicking this “Invest Now” link, you acknowledge, represent and agree that you and/or your investment entity (a) are qualified as an “Accredited Investor”; (b) will keep the Company’s offering documents confidential; and (c) will indemnify and hold harmless the Company from and against any and all damages suffered and liabilities, expenses and losses incurred by the Company arising out of or relating to any untrue statement of fact, omission or inaccuracy made by you.


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