Our Team
Jordan D. Meylan
Acquisitions and Finance

Focused on growing, optimizing and driving yield through structuring and negotiating acquisitions. Responsible for identifying and analyzing current and future investments, markets and developments opportunities. Determines project feasibility and yield expectations for current and potential investments. Oversees capital partnerships and relationships to ensure successful acquisitions, underwriting & dispositions. Selects, negotiates and maintains with acquisition and disposition partners. Jordan graduated from Gonzaga University in 2004. During his career, he has achieved upwards of $7 billion in executed underwriting and valuations, $225 million in executed multi-family value-add projects, $700 million in executed multi-family transactions and $75 million in executed active ground-up multi-family and mixed-use development.

Darell Schmidt


Daren B. Schmidt


Jesse S. Hamilton


Jordan D. Meylan

Acquisitions and Finance

Matt Gehrke

General Counsel

Brandon Schmidt

Marketing and Business Development

Kelsey Walters

Operations and Business Development

Nate Abreu

Project Manager

Janis Diamond

Accounting, CPA

Linda Leiser

Executive Assistant